Re: J122 Holster

"I recently had the opportunity to have Jason make me a 1911 Longslide version of this holster. 

Let me say that I'm pretty critical of my holsters, 35 years as an LAPD Detective makes me want the best in my equipment. 

The holster was made to spec, the leather used was high grade and the workmanship, outstanding. 

Jason delivers in a timely manner and a product that rivals makes with 6 month wait times. 
It will be a simple choice in the future." 
Thank you, 
Mike Grasso, Detective Supervisor, Ret LAPDF 

- Mike G

"It came today. 100% satisfaction on my part. All the details I described in the e-mail that steered me to this model were found to meet or exceed my expectations. This is a robust design that didn’t overlook any detail. I notice features like the little extra that the body flap extends past the gun and that your pocket for the trigger seem to be a little deeper than some of the other designs on the market. This holster seems to have a little extra leather in areas but not enough to slow removal of the gun.

 I’m a tool designer by trade with many years of prototype machining experience. I notice very slight details in products that maybe the average person doesn’t. I’m also very fussy about little details like these. To sum it up, you have a real winner here in this model."

- Mark M.

 "I had a chance to use the holster over the weekend and I am more than happy with it.  I am very impressed with the level craftsmanship and the overall quality feel of the holster, especially for the price. I also really like the retention and how it rides low. I think you might not be charging enough for it!"

- Alex W. 

 "I recently bought a belt that fell apart in less than a month.  Its rather refreshing to know this belt, a 32” 1.5 inch wide, double layer, was made and supplied in the U.S.  Well worth the investment.  Quality and craftsmanship are two qualities that have seemed to fallen by the wayside in our “buy it now” society."

- Jerry W. 

 "The holster fits perfectly and is very well made; it exceeded my expectations! I am very pleased and I certainly appreciate the quality of work that you put into it."

- Martin S.

"Thanks for this great Boberg XR45S holster. I ordered a couple of weeks or so ago and received it today. Gun fits great and it feels good on my side." 

- Ken C.

 "I was pleasantly surprised and happy as the quality of your products were absolutely superior, both in the materials you used, AND more importantly, your workmanship was as good as any I have seen. I can't wait to show your stuff to my brother and the guys at our shooting club tonight. Excellence in value is sometimes hard to come by in today's world. But, your products meet all those qualities. THANK YOU."

 -Gary K.

 "Your quality is unsurpassed, especially for the price I paid. This is like a fine saddle not a gun holster, I have already recommended to to friends and will be ordering again soon. Thanks so much and you and staff have a Merry Christmas."

 - Gary O.

 "I'm an avid shooter, 26, and have been searching for the right type of holster since I bought my first pistol 5 years ago.

 I came across your open top pancake holster for the M&P 9mm full frame about a year ago at CR Sales in Independence but I never really put it to full use until I started shooting at an IDPA club in St. Joseph. Not only is it extremely comfortable, I am always either getting compliments on it or asked who made it at our matches.

 After getting my CCW just recently and trying many different holsters for my Shield, it finally occurred to me that I needed to go right back to the same product, which I received this afternoon. The fit and the draw were both flawless right out of the bag.

 Thank you for making such great products. You'll definitely get more orders from me in the future as I piece together my match rig and I'll also be sure to send more customers your way whenever I get the chance."

 -Juan A.

 "I have been carrying a handgun for the past 48 years.  Seven of those years as a police officer in Baltimore City and the rest in various law enforcement positions.  During that time I have purchased lord knows how many holsters.  None have fit so well and been so comfortable as the above holster.  I must compliment you on your product.  It is easy to use and really does conceal well.  Good Job."

 -Ronald S.